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Kewenig Castle near Körperich-Niedersgegen is one of the oldest manor houses in the Bitburg-Prüm district. First mentioned in a document in 1231 as Villa de Cheweningen, it stands on the square foundation walls of a moated castle with corner towers and round arch frieze from the 16th century. The former seat of the Lords of Stein is surrounded by a beautiful park. Kewenig Castle and the park are privately owned and can currently only be viewed from the outside.

At the end of the 15th/beginning of the 16th century, the von Stein family - an old German noble family - took over the "Kewenich" estate. Peter Franz von Hagen, who married the last heiress of the family, bears the title "seigneur de Kewenich".

After Hagen's death, the estate is inherited by the d'Olimart von Bettendorf family, who later sell it to Jean-Joseph Richard (1788-1872). Richard came from a family of bailiffs and tannery owners from Clervaux and married Julie d'Ennershausen in 1816, whose grandfather was the administrator of the Vianden castle estate. This marriage to the d'Ennershausen family led to the choice of Niedersgegen as a place of residence. This family had already acquired the lordship of Niedersgegen in 1729 and was given the title "Lord of Niedersgegen and Falkenstein" in 1739 with the receipt of a letter of nobility. One of the seven children of Jean-Joseph Richard and Julie d'Ennershausen - Francois-Joseph-Adolphe Richard (1822- 1867) - restores and extends Kewenich Castle in the neo-Gothic style and surrounds the buildings with a park.

In 1880, the castle came into the possession of landowner M. G. August Flamm, who completely extended the old part of the building between 1890 and 1891, extending it to the west and adding a first floor. The Flamm family lived at Kewenig until the 20th century. At the end of the 1960s, an industrial couple from the Rhine/Ruhr region acquired Kewenig Castle as a private holiday residence and renovated it according to the most modern criteria. They even added a covered swimming pool. In 2012, the Weyrich family from Luxembourg took over the castle, which had stood empty for many years, and extensively renovated it.

Today, Kewenig Castle shines in new splendour once again. There is a wedding room in the castle for civil weddings, and festive rooms are available for private celebrations. An atmospheric Christmas market is held on the estate every year.

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Schloss Kewenig
54675 Körperich


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