Sights around the Devil's Gorge

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Felsenweiher, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

"Felsenweiher" (rock pond)


The romantic and bizarre site in the Gutenbach valley with its water basin and fountain, circular paths, steps, footbridges and terraces was built in the 19th century. A "Lauschkurbel" ("audio crank") provides information about the history and special features of the Felsenweiher…

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Ferschweiler Plateau, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Ferschweiler Plateau


Fascinating rocky landscape and rich cultural history.

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Der "Teufelsschlucht-Dinosaurier", © Felsenland Südeifel Tourismus GmbH
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Teufelsschlucht dinosaur park


A journey through more than 600 million years of the earth's history: the large theme and adventure park illustrates the development of life on earth with over 170 life-size reconstructions of extinct species. The scientific fossil preparation offers insights into current research, the Explorer Camp, activity and play areas and an exciting audio guide provide visitors young and old with knowledge, experience and fun…

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Irreler Wasserfälle mit Hängebrücke, © Felsenland Südeifel Tourismus GmbH

"Irreler Wasserfälle" (Waterfalls of Irrel)


The rapids of the Prüm, known as the "Irrel Waterfalls", remain a fascinating natural spectacle even after the flood disaster of 2021. Crossing the river is once again possible via the new suspension bridge.

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Prümer Burg, © Eifel Tourismus, Dominik Ketz

Prümer Burg Castle


From the keep of Prümer Burg on the steep cliff, you have a wonderful view over the Prüm Valley.

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