"Felsenweiher" (rock pond)


Romantic and bizarre: a small pond in the middle of rock faces with niches and caves, fed by the water of a spring and surrounded by terraces, pools, steps and bridges - this unusual, impressive complex is located at the entrance to the Gutenbach valley on the edge of the village of Ernzen.

In the second half of the 19th century, pastor Philipp Meyer von Ernzen had the naturally occurring grottos and hollows of the sandstone rocks transformed into a rock pond by residents of the village as part of an early "labour creation measure". The pastor's aim was to create a carp pond there. The work was successful, but the pond was not a commercial success. However, the "Felsenweiher" unexpectedly quickly became a popular excursion destination and has remained so to this day. The romantic setting of the "Felsenweiher" is used for concerts and other cultural events.

The "Lauschkurbel" ("listening crank"): you can try out an unusual "listening station" on a small platform above the pond: If you turn the crank, which is embedded in the wooden trunk, you will learn interesting and exciting facts about the history and special features of the Felsenweiher.

The "Felsenweiher" is a great destination for families with children; however, children should not be left unattended.

Hiking tip: The starting point of the premium hiking trail "Felsenweg 6 - Teufelsschlucht" of the NaturWanderPark Delux is located below the Felsenweiher.

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The Felsenweiher is freely accessible at all times.




Felsenweiher Ernzen
54668 Ernzen


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