Radfahrer auf dem Prüm-Radweg in den Hopfenfeldern im Prümtal, Felsenland Südeifel , © Dominik Ketz

Cycling through river valleys

Discover the holiday region along the rivers! Family-friendly cycle paths lead through the river valleys and connect to the well-developed cycle path network in neighbouring Luxembourg.

Nims, Prüm, Enz or Sauer?
Each of the river valleys has its own character - and so does each cycle path. The Nims cycle path between Bitburg and Irrel runs largely along the former railway line. In the Prüm valley, you cycle past scenic features such as the Irrel waterfalls and the hop fields near Holsthum. The Enz cycle path also begins here in Holsthum. The Sauer Cycle Path, which is developed on both sides of the border river and connects to the Moselle Cycle Path, is also ideal for untrained cyclists and families with children. The Sûre Valley cycle bus runs daily on the route between Trier and Bollendorf and offers space for up to 22 bikes.

In the current Eifel magazine "Auf Tour" you will find interesting articles about cycle tours in the Eifel and the Southern Eifel. The magazine is available at all tourist information centres in the Eifel.

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