Roter Puhl


At the "Rote Puhl", the Enz has cut into the beech-covered slope at an impressive height. Here, the rocks of the middle red sandstone from the Triassic period stand out in bright orange-red colours. These deposits in river and delta areas are around 220 million years old.

The sloping stratification of the sandstone visible in the rock, alternating with horizontal layers and gravel bands, bears witness to the different flow conditions of the primeval waters. The arch shape is the result of thousands of years of water impact from the meandering River Enz.

The surface of the rock face is still subject to constant weathering, and in places the rock is somewhat more porous. An interesting insight into the soil structure can be gained in the upper area. The overlying soils here only reach a thickness of less than one metre. Natural crevices provide nesting and breeding sites for the local kingfisher.

The Roter Puhl can be visited, for example, on a hike on the "Schluchtenpfad" of the NaturWanderPark delux or on the circular hiking trail no. 48 of the Naturpark Südeifel. Those who prefer cycling will pass the Roter Puhl on the Enz cycle path. A cosy wooden lounger with a premium view of the impressive sandstone slope invites you to take a break and enjoy a picnic.

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Roter Puhl
Gegenüber Rasenplatzanlage
54675 Mettendorf

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