Barrier-free viewing point at the Liborius Chapel


High above the Sûre Valley stands the Liborius Chapel in honour of Saint Liborius, Bishop of LeMans. The platform in front of the chapel offers a magnificent view of Echternach, the oldest town in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with the famous Willibrord Basilica and the former abbey.

The viewing platform has been barrier-free since summer 2020. In addition, the Liborius Chapel, Echternach Abbey, Willibrord Basilica and the surrounding landscape with its architectural features are "tangible" thanks to a tactile model on the platform, which gives blind and visually impaired people a better idea of the shapes and dimensions of the objects depicted. Distances and height differences as well as the arrangement of buildings can be read off the model with the fingertips. The model is also equipped with braille for blind and visually impaired people and can be driven under with a wheelchair. But the tactile model is also an interesting way for non-impaired visitors to discover and explore the Liborius Chapel and the Sûre Valley with different senses. There is a disabled car park right next to the Liborius Chapel.

For visitors without disabilities who are travelling by car rather than hiking, there are parking facilities at the access road to the nearby Ernzerhof.

The viewing platform at the Liborius Chapel is located on the premium hiking trails Felsenweg 1 - Echernach-Weilerbach and Felsenweg 6 - Teufelsschlucht of the NaturWanderPark delux as well as on nature park hiking trail no. 63.

The barrier-free viewing platform is certified in accordance with the "Reisen für Alle" (Travelling for All) Quality criteria. "Reisen für Alle" is a labelling system for barrier-free tourism offers in Germany. The complete test report is available on the Internet at "Reisen für Alle".

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