Wallfährte Weidingen, © Naturpark Südeifel, Volker Teuschler
  • Distance: 18.7 km
  • Duration: 5:0 h
  • Difficulty: difficult

Weidingen Pilgrimage Routes


For anyone who loves magnificent views, the Weidingen Pilgrimage Routes (“Wallfährte Weidingen”) are the right choice. When the air is clear, even the summit of the Hunsrück hill looks close enough to touch from the Scheuerdell viewpoint. However, the route offers other views, such as the pilgrimage church in Weidingen, the origins of which date back to the early 14th century. The Fischbacher Kapelle chapel, which stands proudly on a rock spur, is also a good place to stop for a rest. The idyllic valleys of the Radenbach and Burscheid Bach streams provide an intense nature experience. For anyone who wants even more than these varied views of the region, the Utscheid glider airfield offers flights with a birds-eye view.

Blogger Daniela Trauthwein, travelling reporter, spent a night at a trekking site in the Eifel and experienced nature at first hand under the starry sky.

Trekking in the Eifel - a night in the Dark Sky Park

Experience nature at first hand at one of the four trekking sites in the Hohes Venn nature park in the Eifel. Anyone who has seen the starry sky from there will not forget it so quickly. Due to the low level of light pollution, it’s even possible to see the Milky Way on clear nights. For this reason, the Eifel National Park has also been designated a “Dark Sky Park”, a term used to describe particularly dark regions on the planet.

Spending the night with a view into the distance

“Land in Sicht” (“Land in Sight”) is the name of one of the four nature camp grounds where I spent the night in a tent. As the name suggests, it offers a beautiful view, hidden on the edge of the forest. When day breaks and the dew glistens in the sunlight, there is a wonderful view from the forest onto the hilly cultivated landscape around Gemünd. However, on clear nights, you can also experience the most beautiful natural sights imaginable here. A breathtaking universe of millions of stars opens up. I have no idea how long I spent lying on my back looking up at the sky. I could even see the Milky Way. It was an unforgettable sight.

In line with the Swedish model, the natural camp grounds were set up at selected points. Each of the four campsites stands for one element that makes up the Eifel. There must surely be no more intensive experience and emotional connection to the nature of the Eifel region than on one of these sites.

As soon as you have found the secret path to one of the secluded locations, you immediately feel a sense of safety. It is only possible to find this place if you have been given the precise coordinates. A slightly raised slatted frame construction serves as a base for the tent. Instead of the usual tent hooks, you need stable cord here to fasten the tent. The elevated position is comfortable, since you don’t need to spend the night directly on the forest floor. The proximity to civilisation is also comforting. While the sites are located in secluded places in the middle of nature, they are just a few kilometres away from the surrounding towns and villages. For camping and trekking beginners in particular, these are ideal conditions to get used to sleeping outdoors in nature. The campsite includes a compost toilet and a wooden table with seating. It’s perfectly thought through, since if you’ve been hiking all day, you can simply sit down at the table with your meal and don't have to mess about eating on the ground.

In order to experience the Eifel in all its biological diversity, a hiking holiday with a rucksack and tent cannot be surpassed in terms of intensity. It is possible to combine all four campsites with hiking tours, so that you can also take a multiple-day trekking tour through the Eifel.

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Ferienhaus, © Nengshof
2 flats and a holidayhouse on a farm. With 1 to 5 sleepingrooms, separate entrance, eatingroom, livingroom and kichten or kitchenette and two baths. The farm is situated central but quiet and is a wonderful place to start hikingtours. On the terrace and in the garden there is enough space to sit down and relax. "Video Ferien auf dem Nengshof auf YouTube anschauenDetails ansehen
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More information about this route

Start: Wanderparkplatz zwischen Utscheid und Weidingen

Destination: Wanderparkplatz zwischen Utscheid und Weidingen

Distance: 18.7 km

Duration: 5:0 h

Difficulty: difficult

Ascent: 702 m

Descent: 702 m

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